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Take the guesswork out of your
current PBX Phone System black box

The staff can now view, manage, classify, keep track of, and assign tasks for every single call, e-mail, SMS, or fax received and choose how to handle them.

As an additional feature, medical personnel can exchange secure messages with their patients.

Call Response
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Customizable  to your needs

WaitingMed Call Response provides the ability to convert every call, email, or fax into appointments, create new calls or SMS, and can also be used as a forwarding call service.

View ALL your voicemails and unanswered calls

Through the innovative WaitingMed Dashboard, the medical office manager and its authorized users will have a single view of ALL unanswered calls across single or multiple reasons, departments, or locations.


Engage your patients with secure communication

Patients not only can leave a voicemail, or send emails, SMS, or faxes but the Medical personnel can also choose to exchange secure messages with their patients.


And so much more...


Much more than automated appointment reminders for your practice

WaitingMed Scheduler is a secure electronic platform for automated and personalized connectivity designed to drastically enhance communication between medical offices and their patients.


Saving Time, Increasing Efficiency, and Improving Patient Satisfaction.


Save time and money

Voice-based appointment reminders save medical offices significant time and money compared to having secretaries manually call patients.


In addition, with automated voice-based and text reminders, there is no need to keep allocating staff time to make phone calls or pay for phone expenses, as the system can handle the reminders in seconds.

Improve patient satisfaction

WaitingMed Scheduler services provide a more personalized experience to patients.


The Medical offices can choose to send reminders via phone call, text message, or email and can select the timing and frequency of the reminders.


This gives patients a sense of assurance and reliability about their medical office visits and increases satisfaction.

HIPAA Compliant

WaitingMed Scheduler communications services ensure that patient information remains secure and confidential. With manual reminders, there is a risk of sensitive patient information being disclosed during the phone call.


Scheduler has been designed to protect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Increase appointment attendance rate

Appointment reminders can help to reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations.


In addition, patients are more likely to remember and attend their appointments if they receive timely and convenient reminders.


This can improve patient outcomes and reduce the workload in medical offices

Enhanced Communication

Relevant and actionable information on medical appointments through a user-friendly graphic interface on the patient’s cell phone.


Including, among others, relevant information as a map locator for office address, add to the patient’s calendar, a direct call to the medical office button, a box for Secure chat communication between patients and medical office staff, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Patient Care

Close Gaps-in-Care

Close the gaps-in-care, make compliance simple with the "Stars" metrics, and with proven short-term results.


Follow-ups made easy

  • The process of contacting patients to attend their appointments (HRA).

  • Perform the required tests in the established time (Chronic Conditions).

  • Collect and properly use their medications (Adhesions).

  • Visit their primary doctor after hospitalization.

  • Manage High-Cost High Need (HCHN) Patients.

  • Clinical Cases Management and education campaigns.

Gaps in any Format

Upload patient lists with their respective health gaps in any format you have available.



Manage campaigns by generating thousands of calls per minute with personalized messages


Including: voice and telephone numbers so that your patients take action triggered by the intended first contact, establishing the desired priorities.


Analytical reports of scope results.


Interface with electronic medical record systems for exchange, data update, and others.

Audit Trail

Document unalterable patients’ interactions history.

You can also have...

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